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Blinged out nails

January 24, 2012

Ever had those periods when everyday, anywhere you go, the same things seem popping up?  Lately, for me, it’s been the Kanye West – Jay Z collab and out-of-control nail art.

A few months ago I commented on the 4 to 1 manicures that I’d been spotting everywhere in NYC.  But for the last few weeks I’ve been amazed to see, on the chicest of style bloggers, the rockabilly tech-wiz character on Criminal Minds, and even Zooey Deschanel’s quirky tuxedo-clad fingertips at the Golden Globes, that colorful, personalized, and at times, let’s be honest here, kitsch, manicures are now just about a dime a dozen.  Is “nail art” the fashion recessionista’s latest answer to hand and finger accessorizing?

Do you lack inspiration?  Afraid to give it a go?  Not an excuse.  TV infomercials sell roll on stampers.  Sally Hansen offers press-on nail decals.  There is a Youtube site, cutepolish, that explains the step-by-step DIY to any image imaginable, from mustaches to Chuck Taylors.  Blogger Elizabeth of moveslightly, recently featured in Lucky magazine, dedicates a portion of her website to tutorials for recreating her eclectic manicure ideas inspired by looks from the worlds most important fashion runways. Although I have yet to try any myself, I’m hooked.

via moveslightly

On the other hand, as someone who, as a kid, used to paint her toenails into an American flag for the 4th of July, I also wonder how far you can really go with this trend, without crossing the fine line between creative and laughable.  When are three blue nails and two pink sparkly ones cooler than the hideous shooting star or palm tree designs they propose on those claw-like acrylic nails at the salon?

I’ve just uncovered a possibility that responds both to my desire to participate in this trend and my fear of all that could be colorfully tacky… meet the nail ring by NYC brand Bijules.

Now this would make for my ultimate 4 to 1 manicure!!  Sign me up.

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  1. Caitlin permalink
    January 25, 2012 8:55 am

    “rockabilly wiz-character” – I love it. You should totally try it. And if DVF got in on the action, I would force myself to grow my nails out just for her – her prints are the ultimate.

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