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The Fashion Files

October 16, 2011

I’m just back from Paris Fashion Week.  Working and working for.  Seeing and slaving.  Being astonished and disillusioned.  Loving it and hating it.

Taking the good in there with the bad, I thought that I’d share my top favorite goings and comings in all things fashion from gay Par-eeeeee.

1. Shows no longer just happen in the series of catwalk venues housed under the Louvre, but in a myriad of unexpected spaces around the city.  One upping yourself and your competition is what it’s all about.  Boring white catwalks in black rooms are long gone.  Enter : the Opéra Garnier, the Grand Palais, a dingy garage off the rue de Turenne, and smack dab in the middle of the Austerlitz train station at 5:30pm.

2. The world’s most infamous fashion editors are more often than not just as visually entertaining as the new collections.  Seeing Anna Piaggi’s red kabukki-esque lipstick, spying Suzy Menkes’ backcombed bangs, and chatting with Anna Della Russo through a black, veiled, shouchy ski cap were, for me, more memorable than the models.

3.  Rachel Zoe sounds totally like she does on TV.  And the sequined, long-sleeved jumpsuit she sported for a fashion after party was totally bah-na-nas.

4.  I’m sometimes more frightened than awed by models.  I’m tall, but they’re taller.  I’m on the thinner side,  but they’re like daddy long legs in stilettos and Chanel bags.  How anyone walks on a pair of legs that are as wide around as my arms is a mystery to me.

5.  The city of Paris and the organization that sets up the show schedule and oversees the fashion designers, the design houses, and all that can be actually called fashion in Paris arranges coach buses to shuttle show guests between events.  I’m more than certain that Ms. Wintour doesn’t need to take advantage of this little fashion perk….but a good idea all the same.

6.  Celebrities pop up everywhere. Orlando Bloom entered a showroom where I was working 30 min. after I had left.  Twiggy cupped my face in her hands.  Stella McCartney, naturally decked out in Adidas, goes on quick Parisian jogs.  Kayne West and Elber Albaz shake their groove thing in underground nightclubs.

7.  Streetstyle is the new fashion journalism.  Entrances into shows are overwhelmed by fashionista bloggers in tulle and orange lipstick snapping away on their Canons.  What attendees are already wearing is almost as important as what the models will be.

In order to visually account for my Parisian presence I’ll offer up two, albeit pretty lame, shots of myself in the city of light, love, and clothes during its important chic week.

As in fashion, it is my new goal to one up… myself.  Next season the fashion photo proof will be more centered, better angled, and less of a back-of-the-head shot.

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