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April 25, 2011

In France graffiti is called a tag. Typical stuff, really.  On sides of trains, on doors, on walls, etc.  Random words written in this angular, zig-zag way that has got to take some training to perfect.

Lately I’ve been noticing some new, sort of funky “wall art” that is not the traditional wordy kind.  Done in spray paint, stuck on like oversized stickers for buildings, or stenciled in drippy black paint.

Here are just a few…

I call them “big forehead people”.  They’ re so weird they’re interesting.  And they’re everywhere.

I’d love to meet the person that decided on leaving his or her mark in octopus.   To ask why.

Cryptic messages.  Open for interpretation.  Provoking thought.  How philosophical of the graffiti-ers.

And this one reminds me of…well, me.  Stenciled all over France’s capital.

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