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You know you’re in Italy when…

April 11, 2011

1.  Coffee costs pennies but tastes like millions.

2.  Croissants are misshapen and sometimes slightly burnt.  But as some sort of calorie-concentrated consolation for their unfortunate appearance, are filled with Nutella.  Or custard. Or jam.  Oh my.

3.  Sunglasses.  So many pairs.   There’s an optician on every street.  And every single Italian looks so good in them.

4.  Priests rollerblade and nuns buy wine and pizza and spend a day by the sea.

5.  Everyone, including dogs, ride Vespas.  Trust me.  And they love it.

6.  Conversations about the most mundane things involve so much emotion and flailing hands that you can’t but stop and listen.

7.  The police wear a little across the shoulder purse.  I want one.

8.  Double parked?  Triple parked?  Parked on the sidewalk?  Parked perpendicular to other cars?  Va bene, you can just squeeze into your car through the trunk or lay on your horn until some stranger comes out of the nearest office building completely understanding that the perpetual honking is meant for him, because he’s blocking you in.

9.  You can buy everything you need for a day at the beach on the beach.  No joke.

10.  Men have a natural talent for picking up women.  And it’s done well.


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