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Genie needed

April 10, 2011

When I was little my brother wanted to be a helicopter driver.  I dreamed of my future days as a baton twirler.  Hilarious to think that this meant pilot and leotard-wearing, high school marching band member, respectively.  I guess I really didn’t dream all that big as a kid.

I’ve since put aside my baton dreams for another wish.  Perhaps equally as weird.  Genie, listen up….first wish: make me Italian.  I know.  It sounds crazy.  Wouldn’t any normal person wish for a million dollars?  Wait though, I was the kid to aspired to throw a metal and rubber stick up in the air while being followed by polyester clad, fight-song playing teenagers.

Being Italian has its perks.  Here are the 5 best reasons for wishing for a new nationality:

1. Hand gestures. Hilarious ones.   They say so much more than the words associated ever could. They are so common there are actually guides written about them.  It’s a talent that must be in the blood.  Like the ability to tie a scarf if you’re French.  Anyway, I want them.

2.  Caffè macchiato colored skin.  In Italy, tans aren’t gotten, they just are.  Could you imagine only needing to put the smallest dab of sunscreen on the tip of your nose and walking away not lobster red, but perfectly bronzed?

3.  Strong, distinct, pronounced noses. They are a dime a dozen.  And beautiful.  Mine would fit in swimmingly.

4.  La dolce vita. Good coffee + long chats on café terraces + more than occasional, universally accepted ultra tardiness = a perfectly zen life so desired by this anxiety-ridden Yank overwhelmed by the American rat race and keeping up with the Joneses.

5.  Che bello! How beautiful would it be to react to everything and everyone as being, well, beautiful?  The dinner.  The guy next door.  The historical monument.  The dress.  Positivity to the max.  Need it.

Second wish?  TBD…

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