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American Retro

April 8, 2011

And no, we’re not talking this American Retro; that would be far too California hip meets Parisian chic.  As much as I’d love to talk this store and it’s 1990’s-ish pieces that make me go ga-ga, or gush and gossip about everything Parisian shopping (and ohhhh can I), I really want to address this weird, I guess you could say retro, thing currently happening in Paris.  Just about as visible as the above mentioned shop, but far less cool.

In an ode to my Secco sandwich eating partner and new BFF (she knows who she is) I have got to rant a bit about the strange Frenchie penchant for letterman’s jackets.  They are EVERYWHERE.  Every hip, and let’s face it, not so hip guy is sporting one.  They are on mannequins in shops.  Liv Tyler wore one with a sexy black pencil skirt to the Stella McCartney A/W show here last month (you’re going to have to trust me on this one).  Mademoiselle “I eat Secco sandwiches” counted 20+ in 2 hours last Sunday.  Some are even stitched on the back with “real”  high school names and towns.  All legit’-ish.

Seriously though, can you imagine what sort of comments a 20 or 30-something American guy wearing his high school jacket for real, on the streets, long after graduation might face?  Wouldn’t that be the dude in films who, clinging to the “glory-days”, continues to wear it long into his 40’s in the sad attempt to show that, even though he now hangs out at the local dive bar drinking PBR, he really was once cool?  Definitely dorky and not retro chic.

You can imagine my shock when seeing that this trend had made its way south and has invaded Rome.  Although not as “in your face”, Italian ragazzi are sauntering the streets of the Eternal City in rolled up denim, slicked back hair, and classic Ray Ban Wayfarers.  I’ll have to admit it, this is how you do “American Retro”.

No matter who you may think does it better, what is up with the 60’s on this side of the Pond?  What’s next?  Poodle skirts?

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