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Hello world!

March 23, 2011

I’ve been threatening to start blogging for some time now.  So, here goes.  As the title states: hello world!  I admit that the title’s the generic WordPress suggestion…sorry, only excuse possible is that I’m a blog virgin.  I’ll promise that future ones will be original, inspired, personal…me.

So, why blog?  And, why blog now? In a little book notebook I keep tucked away next to my bed, a notebook that is inspired by my  BFF and her version that she calls her “mess book” (meaning all the messy thoughts and emotions bottled up in her mind messily thrown onto a page), I once wrote that I wanted to tell people what I  found cool in my journeys, wanderings, comparisons, thoughts.  (Not so eloquent, I know.)  To write down for others everything that shouldn’t be missed, that deserved to be noticed, that merited understanding, and all the information in between.  From coffee shops, to clothes, to cultural tidbits…in my not-so-hidden desire to be a journalist.

Aseabetween was inspired by an Italian idiomatic expression I found on the internet: Tra il dire e il fare, c’è di mezzo il mare.  Literally translated: Between saying and doing lies the sea.   For me, getting to the place from which I’m currently typing this blog post meant to actually put a sea in between where I was and where I am.  Doing that was definitely easier said than done.  But now it is.  Done.  I’ll admit, I feel a little lost at sea.  But from this side I’m on the look out for interesting things.  Stuff that sparks your attention.  Like the obscure triangular shape of the sailboat’s mast and sail from a distance, bobbing up and down in the middle of an expansive ocean.

Sometimes these things need explanation, sometimes translation, to comprehend.  So that’s what I aim to do, find those cool oddities in a sea of status quo.  And explain away the ocean in between.

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